Steve Frost | Front-End Engineer

I've been a technology enthusiast as far back as I can remember, whether it was building custom computers for friends, helping a local business with a website, or getting caught sneaking on the family computer late at night in my high school years.

It was natural then that I progressed to learning how to operate computers in my college years. In college I spent spare hours learning HTML/CSS/Javascript and tinkering with the first smart phones - think Windows Mobile 6.1 Pocket PC.

After a few years in the professional field, I realized I wanted to get back into programming. In 2016, after a few months of self-teaching from sites around the internet, I took the plunge into the Full-Stack Development program at Flatiron School. Each day at Flatiron led me on a journey to learn smarter, express myself creatively, and form tight bonds with my fellow students.

Nowadays I'm either polishing up on my Angular knowledge or learning a new framework - most recently it's been Node & React. Currently, there is a refreshing mix of personal projects that I'm passionate about and projects that help out businesses/individuals in the immediate community. It is unexplicably rewarding to use the skills I've acquired at Flatiron and afterward to make a positive impact in the world.

When I'm not coding, I am usually riding my bike - either on casual trips or in organized tours. If it is Saturday or Sunday morning, chances are you'll find me volunteering somewhere around town.

Contact me directly at hello[at]

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